Being selfish during stakeholder interviews

Digital strategy is about collecting business, user, and platform insights to simplify things for your client and your design teams. Just don’t leave yourself out.

It's complicated: tech turnarounds, feminism, and Marissa Mayer

I marched in my first Equal Rights Amendment parade in the 70s at the age of four. I think Mom raised me right. Decades later, Silicon Valley has taught me to love product innovation and great workplace conditions. I remain a reasonably well-credentialed feminist and feel lucky to work where I do.

I'm unconvinced Mayer is a deserving target of feminist anger.

Sit down in my thinking chair and think...think...think

 Technology product marketing is hard when you overthink it, simple when you don't. Sometimes that means not letting brand marketing do the job that product marketing could probably do pretty well on its own.

QR Codes are a gift

Professionals who strategize, design, and code Websites and digital products for a living are befuddled by the popularity of QR codes. I hate them. Poor execution is frequently ridiculed. They are the perfect example of thoughtless, non-empathic marketing and service experiences. And marketers pay good money over bad to build experiences around a bad tactic.