Del Monte user experience:
Pup-Peroni Pup Planner browser
Milo's Kitchen mobile site

These were a lot of fun. Ad agency Draftfcb offered me a challenge: help Pup-Peroni create an experience that equitably promoted product trial among consumers. The creative team had a great concept, which was to connect the brand proposition of promoting daily moments with pets back to product trial. They proposed a site and eventually a mobile experience that helped pet owners plan a great day together, complete with visits to dog-friendly restaurants, pet supply stores, and parks. I took the creative concept and made it work functionally, keying off user insights to guide the experience design.

For the user, the tool culminates in a printable map with plenty of business details, directions, photo uploads, and redeemable coupons at the last "stop": a retailer that carries the product. There were plenty of content sharing opportunities, as the Website supported authentication through, and content sharing to, Facebook and Twitter.

For the Milo's Kitchen brand, Del Monte was launching an entirely new category of premium pet treat. Again, encouraging product trial was critically important. Since the majority of consumers would be introduced to the new product in the retail setting, we proposed a mobile-adaptable Website that would encourage in-store coupon redemption as well as an easy way to call the company with questions during the shopping experience.