Services for corporate marketing teams

I'm a natural part of your leadership team for global Web strategy, digital marketing, user experience, social media, & program management.

I'm a natural part of your leadership team for global Web strategy, digital marketing, user experience, social media, & program management.

In the enterprise, I offer all of my agency services. The distinction for corporate marketing teams is I quickly become an embedded member of your digital staff.

If you're undertaking a global site redesign and determining cadence, content, and segmentation for various marketing tactics, I've done this many times before for companies like IBM, Seagate, and NetApp. Together we'll address all touchpoints along your customers' buying and ownership cycle.

I solve big digital business problems by rolling up my sleeves and working with all involved program owners. I get stakeholders who rarely interact with one another working toward a common, simply articulated vision for exceptional experiences. 

Web site Experience Strategy
Together we will conduct stakeholder interviews to collect program requirements from all professionals on your team who touch digital marketing and advertising. These form the basis of business and technical requirements. It allows us to set the goals for which digital is solving, articulate the goals simply, and build early buy-in among stakeholders with--let's face it--sometimes competing interests and metrics. We'll dig deep into understanding your users, their analytics, their observed behaviors, then describe a digital experience that addresses stakeholder goals and builds high customer preference for your brand. 

Digital Marketing Strategy
I help your team assess where you are with your marketing. I have a wide background in everything from data planning, email marketing, SEO, SEM, display advertising, search retargeting, and Web design and development. I interview key stakeholders on goals, align the team, and establish or adjust the tactics for the best possible customer experience and business result. I'll help you with budgeting, hiring, management, and vendors, planning, and executive readouts on how the plan is progressing into practice.

User Experience Design
I'll work closely with internal program owners to create the right content and sequence for the user experience, assuring that no customer is lost in a content dead-end simply because an internal metric is achieved. I'll fight operational silos on behalf of your customer and always look for the most frictionless path to purchase, service, and task support. Because I work with some of Silicon Valley's most well known product teams, I can function as product manager, researcher, designer, and product marketer where you may have only one of these roles on staff. I'll also help determine opportunities for acquiring data as part of customer pathing, form elements, content, and cookie tracking.

Marketing Automation Strategies
There is publishing, email, and content management...and then there's targeting data. Data analysis is changing everything with regard to recognizing customer buying behaviors and seemingly non-related behaviors that presage major purchases. I'll help you think through the business rules and new ways to apply insights, determine optimal content, communications flighting, and new ways to collect the most insightful data over with respect to the changing data privacy legislation landscape.

Social Media Programs
Social media is changing everything. Many companies struggle to find the right balance between using social platforms as marketing communications broadcasts and deeper, more specialized engagement between employees and customers. What's missing could be as simple as granting permission to engage and guidance to employees on social, training programs, and corporate governance that doesn't overwhelm. I've built, run, and launched social media programs successfully in the past, with headcount and program funding. Thoughtful social engagement could be worth millions of dollars in sales, cost containment, and crisis communications.

Interim Leadership
I have broad management experience and can help keep a team on-track when there is a change in leadership or a new program that has to be proven before significant human investment can occur. My management style is highly collaborative but also very direct when team members have difficulty communicating with each other or their respective efforts are far-flung into other areas of the company. I help team members work better, smarter, and provide the air cover to help them, and the program, be more successful. I also have deep experience managing agencies and vendors on an online marketing team's behalf.

Agency and Consulting Vendor Management
I come from the agency and consulting world. I have complete understanding of their staffing models, processes, and pricing for services. I enjoy working with your outsourced service team because I am one of them. I know how to get the best performance for your project fees or retainer arrangements and make sure everyone is having fun and doing great work, regardless of the scale of services they're providing. I'll make sure internal team staffing is optimized to handle rapid, thoughtful feedback on agency work to make sure things are built quickly and with high quality.

Technology Vendor Evaluations
My background has put me in a lot of technology vendor meetings where features and capabilities are reviewed in-depth. I also understand how enterprise marketing teams work, their technology environments, and realities of internal processes. I prefer to have vendors present their capabilities against how your team operates in the real world. I'll encourage process change when a new technology truly warrants it. Otherwise, I'll advocate for the best possible fit and price based on what your team really needs.